Join MSU study on pregnancy health

Join MSU study on pregnancy health

This study seeks women at the start of their pregnancy journey.

Participants get paid up to $290. Participants do not need to leave the comfort of their home to join. Please answer all the questions to find out if you’re eligible for this research study:

Research center

The Michigan State University Institutional Review Board has reviewed Wayturn’s ads, and the rest of this study, to ensure that everything is conducted in an ethical way.

Get compensated.

The compensation is offered as a thank-you for the participants’ time and contributions to the study.

What does the study involve?

The study involves tailored messages, and information. Participants will complete online surveys during their pregnancy.

Why Join?

This online research study aims to better understand pregnancy health.

  • Participants do not need to leave the comfort of their home to join.
  • Participants get paid up to $290

Who can Join?

All participants must reside in the United States and be planning to give birth in the United States.

  • Aged between 18 and 35.
  • Participants must be less than, or equal to, 20 weeks pregnant.

Contribute to research

You may withdraw from this study at any time.

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Register your interest now.

To register your interest, please fill out this short questionnaire.

Additional study information

The main goal of the study is to learn more about how to help women to have healthier pregnancies.

  • Following the baseline session, participants will be asked to complete follow-up assessments at 4 weeks post-baseline, at 27 weeks gestation, 34 weeks gestation, and at 4 weeks postpartum.


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