About us

Wayturn is a digital marketing agency specialized on the clinical trial industry in the U.S. We started offering our services directly to clients in 2019, and before that we existed behind the scenes as a contract organization for clinical trial advertising since 2017.

Throughout the years we have experience from over 150 clinical trials and thousands of enrolled participants. Because of our past experiences as contractors, we know what our competitors have to offer, and we know that our services are top tier.

Chances are that we can help your clinical trial. We provide free cost estimates for all clinical trials. All you have to do is ask.

I started Wayturn to help researchers use more modern clinical recruitment methods.

When I started advertising clinical trials, some researchers were still relying on noticeboards and radio ads (I won’t mention any names… You know who you are.) Suffice to say that the impact was quite noticable when they switched to Facebook, Google and Youtube ads.

I started my career working for T-fal (Tefal in Europe) as a digital manager. To switch from a large well known brand has allowed me to transfer my knowledge of consumer advertising and apply it to the clinical trial industry.

Carl Gustaf Ragnar Crafoord

Founder, Wayturn AB

Send an email to Carl@Wayturn.com for more information and let’s get started.

Wayturn AB
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Wayturn is a limited liability company dedicated to the U.S clinical trial industry.