Wayturn helps researchers find participants using social media advertising. With experience from over 150 clinical trials, we have streamlined our processes and offer some of the best pricing in the industry.

We do not invoice upfront, but rather after sending referrals. This way, Wayturn takes on most of the risk.

Our services can be broken down into four distinct steps:

1. Analysis

Before you decide to work with us, we analyze your study for free. ( Click here to get started now)

We look at all of your study documents and eligibility criteria. Our analysis is yours to keep, whether you decide to use our services or not. You might discover that we recommend strategies that you can use regardless of our involvement.

The goal of the analysis is to determine how we can find participants for you, and what it will cost. If you decide that our figures are reasonable, we agree on the details and continue with the next steps immediately.

2. Promotional Materials

For our ads to be successful, we always write our own promotional materials for you to send to your IRB. See example.

This includes images, videos and anything else we want to use to find your participants. You have the final say in what we can, and can’t include.

We charge $500 to set up promotional materials. However, this fee is waived once $500 worth of referrals are sent – see below. The fee is set up this way because if a study is cancelled before we advertise, then we can recoup some of the costs associated with writing the promotional materials.

3. Technical setup

We create whole websites, landing pages, and questionnaires based on the promotional materials and then we send you the referrals.

See example landing page.
See example questionnaire.

People who click on our ads come to a landing page on our website that describes your study, and if they want to join they fill out an online prescreening questionnaire created by us according to your eligibility criteria. Finally, eligible referrals are sent over to your team in a way that suits your needs.

If your study is large, it might make sense to create a separate website for it, rather than just a landing page hosted on our domain. We can handle all development and translation work required to get you up and running in no time.

4. Advertising

Once approved by your IRB, we start advertising your study on all relevant platforms. Facebook, Youtube and Google are our most important sources.

We charge you based on the number of eligible people who pass our online questionnaire, and leave their contact information. In this way, Wayturn takes most of the risk since your price per participant is fixed.


  • Cancel at any time. We do not force you to accept referrals. All our contracts are pay-as-you-go per referral sent and you can tell us to stop, pause or slow down at any time.
  • Pilot advertising. For eligibility criteria that are very strict, or for conditions we lack data on, we may offer you a different pricing structure. If we do not know the price per referral, we instead aim to advertise first and conduct a cost analysis afterwards. The pricing for these studies is fixed as well, but based on a number of impressions (or views) on the ads we show.
  • Referral quality guarantees. Wayturn replaces any referrals that are deemed malicious, fraudulent or are duplicates. We have systems in place to screen out referrals from the same IP, other countries than your eligibility criteria, and repeat offenders that try to complete many of our questionnaires.
  • Sensitive Data / HIPAA Compliance. Wayturn is adept at handling sensitive data, and have strict internal processes to minimize the risks involved in gathering participant’s contact and health information.

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