MGH-Harvard is currently helping smokers quit.

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MGH-Harvard is currently helping smokers quit.

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) has developed materials to help people quit smoking. The study looks for nondaily smokers, who are above 18 years of age and live in the United States.

Participants can join from home, and will be paid up to $150. Participants will use support materials for 7 weeks and complete 5 online surveys.

Nondaily smoking means smoking on some days, but not on every day.

Why Join?

  • Get access to study materials designed to help you quit smoking.
  • Be compensated up to $150.
  • Get paid to make an attempt to quit smoking.
  • Contribute to medical research.

Participants must be:

  • Above 18 years of age.
  • Willing to attempt quitting cigarettes.
  •  Nondaily smokers only. (A nondaily smoker is someone who smokes on some days but not on every day.)
  • Living in the United States.

Study Details

Research site: Harvard University, United States
Location: Participate from home.
Ethics Committee: This study has been reviewed and approved by the Mass General Brigham Human Research Committee (MGBHRC).

Additional Background Information

Nondaily smoking has a substantial negative impact on your health. Mortality risk is increased by 72% due to smoking nondaily. There have been many research studies on quitting smoking, and the literature supports many methods. But very few studies have tested materials that can help nondaily smokers. 

Quitting cigarettes on your own can be difficult. The Center for Addiction Medicine (CAM) at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) wants to test three methods that may help nondaily smokers to quit smoking cigarettes.

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