Join an online study for Korean Americans

The University of California is conducting a study on health and cigarette use among Korean Americans. Since 2012, more than 1000 people have joined this study.

You can join this study if you, or the person you are joining with, is a Korean smoker and you are both 18 years of age or older. You and your friend will get $70 each. 

Participation in this study requires 2 phone calls, 2 online meetings, and completion of 2 online surveys.

The research study aims to identify social or family-based approaches that can effectively promote health in Korean American communities. 

Why Join?

  •  You will help researchers understand cultural aspects of health behaviors.
  •  Findings from this research may help inform future programs to improve health

You will receive:

  • Important health information about tobacco use and exposure, as well as healthy eating and physical activity
  • You and your partner will be paid $70 each.

Study Requirements:

  • You identify as Korean or Korean American
  • You are at least 18 years old
  • You live in California
  • You smoked at least 1 cigarette this past week, and more than 100 cigarettes in your lifetime.
  • You have a study partner who can participate with you, who is also at least 18, and might or might not be Korean or a smoker.

Study Details

Research Center: University of California, San Francisco
Location: Virtual, Remote - participation is through internet and phone.
Lead Researcher(s):
Janice Tsoh, Ph.D., Professor of Psychiatry.
Ji Won Choi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Institute for Health & Aging.
Minji Kim, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Scholar; Cardiovascular Research Institute.
Tung T. Nguyen, MD., Professor, Department of Medicine.
IRB Committee: This study has been reviewed and approved by UCSF Institutional Review Board

See if you are eligible by completing the questionnaire: